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Adobe Acrobat

I want to share documents over the Internet.

I'm looking for a way to share documents without having to worry about whether the end user has a particular software package, operating system, or set of fonts.

I want to post fliers, documents, and books on the Internet, but I'm concerned about download speed.

There are many considerations when sharing documents over the Internet. To reduce some of the frustrations, consider using a tool for "universal document exchange." For example, with Adobe Acrobat you can publish virtually any document in Portable Document Format (PDF). Anyone with the freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader software can view your document. The advantage of PDF is that it preserves the look and content of the original including the fonts, colors, and graphics. The documents are small and easy to distribute. They can be shared by email or stored on a web server, network server, hard drive, or CD for others to use across platforms (such as Windows, Mac, UNIX). Although some software provides the option to "save as a PDF" file, the Adobe Acrobat software provides an easy way to manipulate and convert practically any type of file to PDF.

If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat software, download the Abode Acrobat Reader software. This will allow you to read documents that you download or view on the web.

Exploring PDF

If you're new to PDF, look at a few of the following examples to see what a PDF file looks like.

Ask yourself the following questions as you explore the documents:

Designing PDF Documents

If you're interested in designing PDF documents, you can read articles at the Adobe Acrobat site.

Read the PDF document titled, How to Create Adobe PDF Files for eBooks if you want to create a book that contains a table of contents, thumbnails, etc. A few areas to consider in designing your document include:

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are pros and cons of using PDF files for sharing documents.



Making the Decision to Use PDF

When making the decision whether or not to use the PDF format, consider the following issues:

PDF it if...

Don't PDF it if...

Final Thoughts

PDF has become a very standard format. Most computers already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded, so it's easy to user PDF documents.

Try Adobe Acrobat

Once you've tried the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, try creating a document in PDF.

Download directions for using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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