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Resources for Higher Education Faculty

How can I weave technology resources into my higher education classroom?
What resources are available for higher educational faculty?
How can I teach my students to be effective technology users?

weaveThe Internet provides a wide spectrum of resources for university faculty. Consider ways that you can incorporate some of the following tools and resources into teaching and learning. The following page organizes some of the Teacher Tap pages that are particularly useful for university faculty.

Starting Points

Try the following educational portals and starting points. If you'd like additional starting points, try a google search for your subject area and the words "starting points" such as history starting points. Locate and "bookmark" three websites that every student should know in your subject area.


Internet Integration Assistance

Once you've explored the best starting points, you're ready to do your own searches. Use the following links to help you identify search tools, develop search strategies, and evaluate the resources you find.


Lesson Planning, WebQuests, and Online Activities

Many of the following lesson plan resources have options to search for specific grade levels and subject areas. Locate a lesson plan or webquest that you could adapt or use as an example. Brainstorm ways that you could incorporate outside experts into your classroom.

Web Page and Project Builders

Although some educators like to create online and print resources from scratch, others prefer to use templates and project builders. Develop a web page, quiz, or rubric using the free, online resources found in the following links:


Consider All Students

Brainstorm ways that you can use technology in teaching. 
Brainstorm ways that students can use technology in learning.
Explore ways to promote original thinking and reduce plagiarism.

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