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Graphics Software in the Teaching, Learning, and Libraries

What can I do with graphics software?
What activities can I create for beginning readers?
How does TuxPaint compare with other software?

paintingSince the 1980's tools such as KidPix have been popular with children of all ages. Unfortunately, many of these tools were not updated for new computers. Today, many online tools and open-source options are available in addition to fee-based software.

Students can create electronic books, slideshows, postcards, and many other fun written and visual products.

Go to Marilee's Kid Works & Kid Pix Page to explore examples.
Go to Sam's Portraits for examples of children's Lego Kidpix projects.

TuxPaint in the Classroom

TuxPaint is a free, open source paint program with many of the features of Tuxpaint. Although it doesn't have the audio recording features of KidPix, it does have excellent stamps and imaging filters.

Go to Tuxpaint to download this software for Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Go to the Gallery to see lots of examples.

Manipulate a Visual
Create an activity where students manipulate a visual created in KidPix or TuxPaint.
Expand a Visual
Give students a visual and ask them to add to it in some way. Or expand an idea using KidPix or TuxPaint.
Create a Visual
Provide students with tools and ask them to create a visual. How will you assess this image?

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