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Inspiration and Kidspiration in the Classroom

What's the difference between Inspiration and Kidspiration?

How can I use these packages in my classroom?

How do visual organizers promote high-level thinking?

writingUse technology to communicate visually. For many students with special needs, visual communication is an important means of sharing understanding. Use visual tools such as Inspiration, Kidspiration, and others to encourage students to share visually. Kidspiration also has auditory elements that allow students to record their voice.

In addition to the software, an onlne version is available at Mywebspiration.

Inspiration Materials

Explore Inspiration and Kidspiration

Alternatives to Inspiration and Kidspiration

Although Inspiration and Kidspiration are wonderful resources, you may want to investigate some online and open source alternatives. It's unlikely you'll find anything as effective as Inspiration, but it's worth exploring. The online resources are particularly useful if you want your students to collaborate on a concept mapping project.

Create Graphic Organizer Project

Expore the templates in Kidspiration and Inspiration. Adapt an idea for your classroom.

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