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Electronic Postcards in the Classroom

How can I integrate electronic postcards into the classroom?
How can I link visual and writing activities?
What kinds of activities can I do with electronic postcards?

mapExplore the electronic postcard sites below. Brainstorm different types of activities you could do with the postcards. For example, you might ask students to write a short story about the picture, describe a scientific aspect of the photo, answer questions, write a question to an expert, or write a poem. Your students don't have to have email accounts to do an electronic postcard project. You could have students send the postcards to the teacher's account, you could print out the postcards, or you could copy the pictures into a word processor.

Go to eNature cards. They have over 5000 nature images that can be used as ecards.

If you can't find a postcard topic you like at the links below, try doing a search in Google for your topic and the word postcard or electronic postcard. For example, try Iowa electronic postcard.

Across the Curriculum

Shocked Poetry
Choose a theme, create a poem, and send as an e-greeting card. You can even add nouns, verbs, adjectives, and little words.

Create a Seasonal Postcard
These postcards are intended to print rather than email.

Integrating Electronic Postcards

Create a handout with step-by-step instructions for using the postcard page. Include the specific activity. Be sure the activity is associated with a particular learning outcome. Remember, your students don't need email do these activities. They could send the postcard to your email address. Do a Writing a Postcard activity practicing vowels.
Read books such as The Armadillo from Amarillo, Letters for Felix or other books about ending postcards or letters. Explore classroom projects that use postcards.

Design an eCard Activity

Send an Electronic Postcard. Create your own postcard activity.

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