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Antispam Software and Reducing Email Junk Mail

Are you sick of getting tons of junk email?
Are you frustrated about conflicting ideas for handling spam?
Are you seeking good antispam software?

mailIf you answered "yes" to the questions above, you aren't alone. Spam has become a huge headache for most email users. You may get 5, 50, or 500 junk mails a day depending on your email account. If the spammers have found you, use the following resources to regain control of your email. Read the article Don't get mad, get even to learn about things you can do to address spam. Read other good articles:


General Spam Information

Spam Blocking Software

Your service provider may have spam-blocking software available free or for a small fee. Or, a stand-alone, spam-blocking application will help you eliminate some of the spam if you have a POP email account. This type of software will not work for web-based email accounts such as AOL and MSN. Try some of the following resources:


Spammers are getting creative. Nothing will eliminate all your email junk mail. However, you might try some of the following suggestions:


Try it

Download a free or inexpensive spam software and give it a try.

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