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Effective Web Assignments

The web can provide an exciting environment for your students to explore and learn. Many online tools are available to help you create activities and online assignments. You can also use tools to develop quizzes, rubrics, checklists, puzzles, and other assessments.

Identify Quality Resources

Why reinvent the wheel? Start my exploring the resources and materials others have developed on topics in your content area. Start with the following starting points. Also, consider narrowing your search with specific words such as Biology lesson plans or civil war powerpoint presentation.

Develop Meaningful Web Assignments

Try to address higher-level thinking by asking students to synthesize and evaluate information found on the Internet.

Contact an Expert

Rather than using dated books and articles, ask students to use primary sources such as oral histories and interviews in their research. Use directories and experts sites to locate individuals for online interviews and email communication. For example, you could email professionals about career interests, send a document to a legislator, or contact a professional about specific questions.

 Connect to the Headlines

Ask students to connect current events to course content.

Battle Plagiarism

Ask students to select and critique an online paper or resource. Students should provide supportive evidence from other sources in addition to personal experience. Do a search for "study guides" or "free essays" and you'll find many more.

Evaluate Online Materials

Help students find and evaluate online resources. You could also email the webmaster of a particular page to request information or explanations.

Build or Use a WebQuest

Develop an inquiry-based activity called a WebQuest. Do a search for your topic and add the word "webquest" such as tornado webquest.

Use Online Development Tools

Explore the many online tools available for teachers and students.

Activity Page Builders. Use the following tools to create your own web-based activity page.

Discussion Makers. Create your own threaded discussion.

Quiz Builders. Use the following tools to create your own quiz.

Rubric Makers and Checklist Makers. Use the following tools to create your own rubric.

Puzzle Generators. Create a simple puzzle to review class vocabulary. Ask students to develop a review puzzle for others.

PowerPoint Jeopardy. Download the Jeopardy PowerPoint template and create your own game.


Teacher Tool Starting Points

More Tools and Builders

Other Puzzle and Quiz Builders - May require more technology skill to use

Build an Activity

Use building tools to create a project.

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