Building Treehouses for Learning: Technology in Today's Classrooms

by Annette Lamb

cover artDeveloping Learning Environments:
Planning Effective Lessons

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Chapter Weblinks


42explore: Advertising

Links to Lesson Planning Sites (Page 14)

Teacher Tap: Lessons Links

Discovery School

The Gateway

Learn NC from North Carolina

Library of Congress: Learn


National Geographic Lessons

New York Times Lesson Plans

PBS Teacher Source

Sequenced Lesson Plans

Teacher First Content Matrix


Yahoo's List of Lesson Plan Sites

Associations and Standards Links (Page 20)

Teacher Tap: Education Standards

Teacher Tap: Education Organizations


International Reading Association

International Society for Tech in Education


National Council on Economics Education

National Council Teachers English

National Council Teachers Math

National Councial Social Studies

National Science Teacher Assoc.

State Standards

US Department of Education

Yahoo’s Standards & Testing

Internet Connections




Understanding Objectives

Writing Clear Objectives

Writing Objectives

Online Rubric Makers



Multiple Intelligences

Teacher Tap
Cultivating MI
Tapping into MI
Howard Gardner



Rainforest Sample Lesson Websites

Amazon Interactive
Blue Planet Biomes: Tropical Rainforests
Children's Tropical Forests
Dr. Blythe's Rainforest Education Website
How Stuff Works: Rainforest
Journey into Amazonia
Learning About Rainforests
Live from the Rainforest
National Geographic Habitats
Be a Habitat Hero
Wild World
Ontario Science Centre: Rainforests
Rainforest Heroes
Rainforest Action Network
Action Center
What's it Like Where You Live? Rainforests
Tropical Rainforest
Rainforest Alliance
Save the Rainforest
42explore: Trees and Forests
ThinkQuest Rainforest Projects by Students

Economics Sample Lesson Websites

42explore: Money
42explore: Economics

Carnivores, Herivores, and Omnivores Sample Lesson Websites

Dinosphere: Meat and Plant Eaters
Interdependence & Adaptation from BBC
Food Chain from Planet Pals
Food Webs and Chains
Food Web Kids
Spotlight on Food Web
BrainPop: Food Chain

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