Gardening in the New Millennium:
Planting, Weeding, and Harvesting the Internet
There are flower, vegetable, grass, and weed gardeners. There are also Internet flower and weed gardeners. Which are you?
Lady Bird Johnson views the landscapes of our highways as her garden. At her Wildflowers site you can learn about planting wildflowers along our highways. How about planting wildflowers along the information highway?
We want you! What can you plant on the information highway? Explore the Globe Project and see how they use Internet to share information about science investigations.
Backyard Gardening requires: Seeds + Soil + Water & Sun = Success
Internet Gardening requires: Resources + Time + Effort = Learning
This workshop is for you! Join the fun and learn how you can plant, weed, and harvest the great resources available on the Internet!


Annette Lamb

This web-based workshop is divided into a number of sections. Click on the topic to explore each level or step in gardening.

Levels of Gardening

Become a Gardener!

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Developed by
Annette Lamb, 4/99.