Harvest Your Crop

Pick tomatoes! Dig up potatoes! Gather grapes! Part of the fun of a garden is harvesting the crops.

Use the wide variety of Internet resources available. You'll find audio, video, graphics, and all kinds of utilities to help with teaching and learning.

Use communication channels
. Some flowers have a great smell and taste. Explore the variety of audio, video, animation, and graphics available. For example, Academy of American Poets site contains audio of popular poems so students can hear them read aloud.
Use tools. Use the tools that others have invented such as puzzlemakers, calculators, and conversion tables. For example, the Puzzlemaker site contains tools for making a wide variety of puzzles.
Coordinate lab use. Lettuce is ready before everything else you need for a salad. You can never get the lab when you need it. Work together! OR Whack it. OR Print it. OR Copy & paste it. For example, the Home Improvement site contains lots of pages of information that could be whacked or printed. You could copy selected pictures and paste them into a worksheet. Finally, you may need to be online to use the calculator.
Triple-dip. Sunflowers are pretty, supply food, and are just for fun! Build your own pages. Use your own pages. For example, I couldn't find a good list for Vocational and Technology Education, so I made my own!

Explore Conversion Tables that might be used in your classroom. Develop an assignment that might use a conversion table or online calculator.

Brainstorm ways that you might use MapQuest in your classroom.


Developed by Annette Lamb, 4/99.