Be Patient
Watched plants, don't grow. Constant email checks, don't produce email. Be patient. The email will come!
Many Internet projects involve sharing email. It may be communicating with another teacher, classroom, or an expert. Regardless of the connection, it's hard for students to wait for email.
Part of enjoying a garden is understanding the timeline. Projects grow at different rates. Part of the fun is the anticipation.

Relax. Gardening takes patience! Don't worry. Give it time, but always have Plan B! Consider a project that involves multiple small communications. As a result, your entire project doesn't depend on one Internet site or a single email message. For example, you might want to send a question to the Whatzit Science Connections: Experts once per week, month, or semester.

Try an "Ask the Expert" project that involves communicating with an expert in a particular subject area. Visit Pitsco's Ask the Expert site or Yahooligans: Ask the Experts.
Design an "Ask the Expert: Activity. Ask yourself:
  • How will the questions be generated?
  • Who will handle entering the questions?
  • Who will check the email for responses?
  • How will the responses be shared?
  • What's the timeline for the project?

Developed by Annette Lamb, 4/99.