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Share with Others
Lady Bird Johnson reached beyond her backyard to promote wildflowers along our roadways. Check out her Wildflower site.
You can reach beyond your classroom and leave "Internet Wildflowers" on the information highway.

Find friends. Everyone works together in a garden. Locate a partner. Plan a project. Share your results. For example, you could use the Epal Connections site to locate a partner for a project.
Share the best. Pick your favorites and put them on display. Post your favorite lessons for others to enjoy! For example, the Sea Shells Lesson Plan was posted by a teacher.
Share ideas. Share your tools with other gardeners. Create lists of activity ideas, websites. For example, the Just Say No Lesson contains links and ideas for teachers.
Share a lesson. Create your own garden. Build your own page, lesson, unit, or course. For example, the Caesar Lesson is a wonderful resource for teachers.
Water the world. Well water is free, share it with your friends. For example, Encarta Lessons is a site that's collecting and sharing lessons.
Involve students. Get students involved in growing plants. They can write, draw, and share ideas. For example, in the Hercules Student Project students share their writing.
Go global. Share your crop around the world! Create cyber classes including a syllabus, links list, links and activities, information and projects, webquests, and case studies. CyberSchool is an example of a school with online courses.

Yahoo has a great starting point for Lesson Planning sites. Explore some of the sites and select two or three of your personal favorites.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 4/99.