Web Design and Development Workshops

The following pages are intended to be used along with desktop presentations in workshops designed and delivered by Annette Lamb. Feel free to use the pages in your own learning. For more complete information, consider attending a workshop or purchase one of Dr. Lamb's books.

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Web Wizards:
Teachers and Kids as Web Page Developers

This page explores the options for teachers and kids who wish to design and develop web projects. It examines the roles of teachers and students as well as exploring lots of sample web projects.

Keys, Locks, & Deadbolts:
Doorways to Life-Long Learning in a Web-based World

This page examines the world of web-based curriculum. It explores general resources as well as web-based learning environments and challenges educators to become not only consumers and collaborators on the Internet, but also creators of web-based resources.

Web-Based Curriculum:
Exploring the Possibilities

This page explores the elements of web-based curriculum including informational, instructional, and lesson/unit aspects of web-based learning materials. It also provides guidelines for examining materials.

Creating Curriculum:
Finding the Right Combination

This page examines the process of developing effective web-based instruction from needs assessment through implementation. (New 3/99)

The Good, the Bad, and the Tacky:
Designing Effective, Efficient, and Appealing Web-based Curriculum

This page focuses on assessing needs, identifying objectives, developing instructional strategies, and planning web-based curriculum materials. It also discusses web site structure and learning environment management.

Web Weavers:
Kids as Web Page Developers

This page focuses on the design and development of K-12 student web projects including types of projects, page design, multimedia integration, communication elements, informational elements, and project management.

Spinnin' the Web:
Real-World Project Management

This page focuses on guidelines for the management of classroom web projects. It discusses the different types of projects, provides classroom management strategies, and explores ideas for organizing collaborative projects.

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Updated 3/99