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Museum Makers:

Learners as Architects of the Internet

A museum is a place where interesting objects of art, history, or science are displayed. You'll find an endless variety of interesting virtual museums to visit on the Internet. Once you've done some exploring, you'll want to make your own museum.
Architects design all kinds of structures. They may repurpose an existing building or construct the building themselves. Help your learners become architects of the Internet. This website will discuss the different levels of Internet access, use, and creation. Large-scale, ongoing projects as well as small-scale, short -term projects will be highlighted. In addition, the website will discuss project planning and classroom management techniques for K-12 web development projects such as timelines, site layout, project mapping, copyright, use of screen dumps, and responsibility charts. Finally, classroom management techniques including learning styles, time management, collaborative groups, and file management will be explored.

Online Museums has been around as long as the web. Jamie MacKenzie's Museum Site was one of the first to discuss the development of student-produced museums. Visit his site for lots of great ideas! If you're interested in a different perspective, check out the Teacher Guide to Virtual Museums.

We're looking for interesting student-produced projects. Email us your web address and we'll add your school site to our site!

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