Welcome to the Technology for Teachers web page. This page provides some good places to start your exploration of Internet.

Places to Start
If you're new to the web, try some informational sites. Explore the Weather Channel, CNN Interactive, or USA Today. Find an address at Switchboard or a map at Mapquest.

Subject Area Resources
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, EdView, and the Franklin Institute's HotLists contain links to all the subject areas. Search tools for kids include Yahooligans and Disney's DIG. Ezines for kids include Cyberkids and Cyberteens. The Busy Teacher's Web Page has great links for kids.

School Links
If you want links to schools that have web sites, go to Web 66, American School Directory, or Classroom Web. For school library pages, check out Peter Milbury's site.

Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources
For lesson plan ideas, explore Education World, AskEric, Connections+, Mustang List of Lessons, and Teachnet.Com. Find lessons and add your own ideas to Collaborative Lesson Archive and Teachers.Net. For lessons that incorporate Internet resources, explore the Blue Web'n. On-line courses are listed at the World Lecture Hall. Great high school science lessons are available at Access Excellence, Environmental Education, and Biology 11/12. Try the social studies lessons at Social Studies Lessons, C-SPAN and Civics. For English classes, try Inkspot and Voice of the Shuttle. PE Central has Physical Education lesson plans and unit ideas. For technology plans, explore the National Center for Technology Planning.

Professional Development Resources
The Connected Educator, Online Educator, and Educational World contain links to many professional organizations and resources. Explore InSite for links to departments of education, national standards, and other useful agencies. Also find links at Educational Resources. Explore popular educational technology journals including Electronic Learning. The Impact of Technology links to research in educational technology.

Check out
Career Mosaic. You can find out how to get a job, write a resume, and even post your resume on the web.

You'll find great clip art for classroom projects at the
Clip Art Connection. Some of the textbook (Troll Books and Houghton Mifflin) and software companies (Apple, IBM, HP, Claris, Microsoft, Educational Resources) have great resources. If you'd like to link with experts, check the Ask the Expert site. For Internet grant information, check ICONN.

Internet Project Ideas
Are you looking for Internet projects? Start with Global SchoolNet Projects, NickNacks, Global Heinemann, Collaborative Learning Projects, or Project Watch. Virtual field trips are a great way to reach beyond the classroom. Start with Zia's Field Trip page. Try MayaQuest, Adventure Online, and Global Learn http://www.globalearn.org.

Happy Internet Surfing!

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This page was developed by Annette Lamb, April 21, 1997.