Behind the Scenes:
Arrion & Ben's Wedding
This "behind the scenes" look at Arrion & Ben's Wedding was prepared with snapshots from Annette's (sister of the bride) digital camera. Stay tuned for the official wedding photo spread coming soon!
Our adventure starts on Friday morning. The bride was up early and enjoyed a morning getting her nail's done. Next, came the bride's luncheon at Olive Garden. Arrion's grandmother, mothers, sisters, bride maids, and even a couple aunts were all in attendance. The highlight of the luncheon was an "oral reading" of Aunt Janice's goofy Household Tips for Ben and Arrion. I'm sure Arrion will be posting these tips later. After some last minute shopping for batteries, videotape, music, and other important items, it was time to head to the church for rehearsal.
Other than a shy ring bearer and a couple later arrivals, the rehearsal ran smoothly. It's a good idea to try lots of different approaches to see what works best. For example, we decided that Dad "pushing" Arrion down the aisle was pretty fun, but that the traditional approach might be better. Arrion and Ben also enjoyed practicing the "kissing" part of the ceremony.

After the rehearsal, it was time for the rehearsal dinner and family "get together". Family and friends from both sides of the family enjoyed a slide show of Arrion and Ben growing up.

The bride and groom received a beautiful needlepoint picture from Arrion's grandmother.

The bride and groom gave gifts to the wedding party. The flower girl enjoyed combing the hair of her new bride Barbie.

Saturday morning it was time to set up for the dinner and reception. We had fun deciding who would be seated where.

The next stop was the hair designer where the bride began her transformation.

The church had a nice room at the back of the church where the bride could prepare for the wedding. Arrion and Samantha were beautiful in their white dresses.

After pictures, it was time for a little perfume before walking down the aisle.

After the wedding, the bride and groom along with Annette, Larry, and the photographer headed out to a beautiful park for more pictures before the reception.

Created by
Annette Lamb, 07/01.