The ADVANCED INFORMATION SOURCES cluster includes four courses focusing on different disciplines. Student may register for up to TWO of these courses at a time. While the courses share some common content, each course contains documents and formats distinct to the particular discipline will be emphasized such as sheet music in the Humanities, digital photo collections in History, and technical reports in the Sciences.

For information about registration, go to the IUPUI website:


Although the course materials have been moved to the Canvas format, the lessons are still available to everyone. Only IUPUI students will be able to access the journal articles, databases, and other supplemental materials.

These materials are no longer being updated (September 2021).    

Use the following links to access the course materials.

Module 1: Starting Points

Module 2: Information Inquiry and Information Seekers

Module 3: Research Guides

Module 4: Reference Sources

Module 5: Print Books and Electronic Books

Module 6: Government Information

Module 7: Periodicals, Databases, and Indexes

Module 8: Bibliographies and Bibliometrics

Module 9: Grey Literature

Module 10: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Module 11: Technology

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