Annette Lamb
Not the Typical Professor

No one has ever accused me of being normal. So when my husband and I quit our jobs, most people weren't surprised.

After many years teaching at the K12 and university levels, we decided it was time for a change. In 1999, we sold our house, gave away our stuff, and bought a 38 foot motorhome. We've been "on-the-road" ever since. I spend much of my time traveling around North America working on grant projects and speaking at conferences and school districts, while Larry maintains our popular website for teachers.

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Our Lifestyle

How do we get our mail? What about family? You'd be surprised how easy it is to become "placeless." We use a mailforwarding service in Livingston Texas that's part of a service group for "full-timer RVers" called Escapees. We get our mail once a week, but you'd be surprised how little mail you get when you don't have utility bills. With our grown children scattered literally around the world (Blake is at the University of Kohn in Germany), we do most of our communicating through the Internet. A high-speed, two-way satellite dish sits on top of our motorhome.


With a local area network, we can have up to eight computers online including our Macs, Dell, and laptops. We even have extra ports if you want to come visit. These are all connected to printers, digital cameras, and the scanner. You can read more about our lifestyle in the Mobile Mavericks section of our website.

Check out a picture of our kids, Blake, Brooke, and Ben, below. The photo on the right shows where we are spending the winter of 2003. We are a mile or less outside Virgin, Utah, near Zion National Park. If you look close, our motorhome is in the upper right corner of the RV park on the banks of the Virgin River.




Back to Teaching

In the fall of 2001, Danny Callison began bugging me about teaching a class at IUPUI. Having been away from classroom teaching for awhile, I was beginning to miss the interaction with students. Although I have always loved doing workshops and working on "one shot" projects with students and teachers (below: summer workshop, teacher learning Lego Logo, and an administrator's workshop), it's different having my own class. After trying one course in Fall of 2002, I become a Visiting Professor in the Winter of 2003. My courses are online, so class can be "anytime, anywhere"!

I keep myself active in the educational technology field through continuing work on projects such as the Old Man River project that focuses on schools along the Mississippi River.




Get to Know Me

I'm full of contradictions. I love teaching, but Larry and I also enjoy hikes in the wilderness, miles from civilization. I spend most of my time on the computer, but I love to sketch in my nature journal. Here are the basics:

Loves - hiking in natural areas, driving the back-roads, geocaching, reading, watching movies, listening to music, experiencing all kinds of weather, and acting goofy

Hates - dressing up, pointless meetings, standing in line, and wasted time



The Future

While I still enjoy conducting workshops and speaking at conferences, I'm having a great time developing and teaching online courses. Over the next several years, I'd like to having more time to photograph and sketch the great sites of the world. Remember, life's a dance we should all enjoy!


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