Lamb Update: Summer 2003


Late August 2003

After a great summer in Port Angeles, Washington it was time to head back east. We spend a few days traveling from Washington through Idaho to Salt Lake City Utah. As we were getting ready to leave, the global email virus hit. Luckily, Annette's mom agreed to handle the virus, so we could make our trip. We enjoyed the trip past Mt Rainier through wine country and along the Oregon Trail. We stopped to explore the Whitman National Historic Site as well as the Oregon Interpretive Center at the Three Island Crossing in Idaho (photo below).

Early August 2003

We spent most of August working on course development. However, we did manage a little fun. We spent a day driving around the area looking at other places we might stay and visit on our next trip. The picture below (left) shows Lake Crescent. We hiked to a pretty falls near the lake called Merrymere Falls. This is where first lady Laura Bush came to visit just a couple weeks ago. By the time we got there the Secret Service was gone and we had the lake to ourselves. :-)

We also explored a backroad in the Olympic National Park called Obstruction road. From a high point we could see all the way out to the Strait (below right).



July 2003

After the NECC conference, we all headed to the Olympic Penn for some 4th of July fun. Annette's sister and brother-in-law came to visit from Dallas, Texas. They met us in Seattle and then met us again in Port Angeles. We spent a day exploring the rainforest and Pacific coast. Arrion, Ben, and Larry are shown in the picture below.

Annette enjoys doing stupid things so you can often see her singing or dancing on the trail. In this case, notice that Annette is walking on a branch hanging over the river. Not smart, but she was having a great time!

Also notice that Annette is wearing a hand brace from carrying too much luggage and doing too much mousing.

We spend a quiet Fourth of July weekend attending local fireworks and enjoying the campsite next to the motorhome. Besides the mountain view, making smores is our favorite part of an evening campfire (below Larry, Annette, Ben, Arrion).


Annette spent July and early August working on fall course materials and conducting workshops in Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. She also attended her sister's bridal shower in Tucson, Arizona.

Check out her class in Norfolk hard at work on a project (right).




In mid July the town of Sequim holds a huge lavender festival. The roads were jammed, so we waited until everyone left, then enjoyed the lavender fields.



June 2003

We arrived in Port Angeles, Washington in late May. Annette had to start a 5-week, online summer session, so we really didn't get out much.

In early June, Annette flew around to do some consulting and stopped by Indianapolis to meet with her class. Then, we both flew to Arkansas for Larry's family reunion in Buffalo City, Arkansas in mid June. Check out the morning/afternoon fog on the river.




When we arrived back in Seattle, it was time to head for the National Educational Computing Conference where Annette and Larry conducted spotlight sessions, workshops, and poster sessions. Below you'll see Annette with Kathy Keck (from Indiana) at the Multimedia Seeds web poster session.






We took the ferry from downtown Seattle back to our "home" on the Olympic Penninsula. You can see the city, mountains, and Seattle tower in the background below.

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