Update: Christmas 2003

Family on stairs in DallasChristmas in Dallas

On December 22, we flew to Dallas to spend a week with Annette's sister and brother-in-law (Arrion and Ben) and Annette's parents (Nancy and Bill).

Our family tradition is to go to movies during the holidays. We went to Cold Mountain and Cheaper by the Dozen. We also played games, watched football, decorated cookies, and had a great time together.


Enjoying Family Time

We had fun wrapping gifts, preparing meals together, and generally having a good time. Arrion and Nancy played the piano. Sometimes they even performed duets.

Arrion and Mom at pianoLarry wrapping presents

It's always interesting to notice how everyone finds time to share in common interests. In the photo below Annette and Bill are talking about university teaching while coloring in Christmas activity books. Strange behaviors, but true.

Annette and Bill coloring

Making Cookies

Everyone took part in the decoration of Christmas sugar cookies. We started with traditional frosting decorations, but soon expanded to decorating with our various university icons and colors. Then we had cookies for Iowa State, Drake University, Indiana University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Toledo, Eastern Illinois University, University of Illinois, University of Arizona, University of Texas, Southern Methodist University . . . whew - - between our current jobs, past positions, and the varied university degrees held between us, we had lots of options to cover. We also decorated a few with our favorite football teams including the Packers and Cowboys.

Bill making cookies Larry decorating cookies

Arrion, Annette, and Nancy decorating cookies Annette decorating cookies


Unwrapping Presents

Annette unwrapping sweaterWe unwrapped presents on Christmas morning. Larry got Annette the great fleece pull-over in the photo on the left.

Arrion's pregnancy was the focus of most of the conversation. She's due in May, so this year we enjoyed shopping for some baby gifts. For Christmas, Arrion and Ben got lots of baby things!

For example, Arrion got a "Baby Under Construction" T Shirt, Yoga books, and a Yoga mat. Ben got the book "The Expectant Father" along with University of Illinois baby clothes and a baby moose jacket.

A few days after Christmas Arrion and Ben found out that they're having a boy.


Arrion holding Christmas 2003 presents Arrion and Ben at Christmas 2003

Nancy and Bill also received some fun presents. They both got bobble-heads. Mom got a frog and Dad got a raccoon. We always enjoy some new games. Fact or Crap was one of the sillier ones this year.

Mom and Larry at Christmas 2003Dad holding a new game at Christmas 2003

Playing Games

Game playing is usually a part of our family activities. In addition to traditional games like "Oh Heck" and Tripoley, we also played new games like Trivial Pursuit 20 Years and Scene It? In the photo below we're finishing a game of Oh Heck. This time, Bill has turned over the scoring duties to Ben.

Family playing cards

In the picture below, you can see that Annette and Larry were the big losers in the Scene It? game. Everyone had a good time with the DVD part of the Scene It? game; however, Larry and Annette had bad luck with the roll of the dice - - or at least that's the way we like to tell it.

Annette & Larry lose the game


Watching Football

Ben drinking Bailey'sBailey's Irish Cream has become the new favorite of Ben, Larry, and Annette. Although Bud Light is still a football favorite, Bailey's is a great evening drink. We put a bottle under the Christmas tree for Ben.



Christmas 2003 walkGetting Exercise

After lots of movie and football watching, game playing, and eating, we needed some exercise. Everyone went for a Christmas Day walk. The photo below was taken in the front yard before our walk.



Annette and Larry on the stairsPacking Up

After a week in Dallas, it was time to head back to southern Utah. I believe that since we became full-time RVers, that is the longest time we have left Harvey on his own. Having been gone for over a month, it was nice to get home and start thinking about Spring semester classes.


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