Update: Extreme RV Makeover

Larry in officeAfter five years on the road, we were ready for an "extreme RV makeover." We needed to clean out the junk, replace the carpet, and redesign our work area. Since we were going to be situated in Utah for 4 months in one location, we figured we'd have time to get everything scheduled and completed. We got done with one week to spare in our schedule.

The Design

First, we started by brainstorming our needs. We wanted lighter-colored and durable replacement carpeting. We also wanted to remove the existing kitchen table and expand our work counter into our dining area. Here we needed an expanded work area with strong but relatively lightweight construction. We also hoped this new furniture would fit with our existing cabinets and counter areas. Larry enjoyed designing the desk area. With his industrial arts background, he was able to create a complete set of diagram/drawings of our concept.

The first consideration was new carpet. The gray carpet that came with the RV was worn and really not the best for high traffic areas. We went to Home Depot and picked out some rugged, multicolored berber carpet. They even had local installers with experience doing RVs.

Annette in officeNext, we found a local cabinetmaker who could fit us into his busy schedule. The St. George area has lots of new home construction going (the area is in a 15 to 20 year building boom), so we knew it might be difficult to get someone do to our small, odd job. Although it got pushed back a few weeks, we made it!

One of our big issues was where to put all of our stuff while they installed the carpet and desk area. Joe and Sue Bomers, the managers of the Zion River RV Park, volunteered the use of the resort bus as a temporary storage place. Wow, what a great idea! The bus pulled up next to the motor home, and we spent 2 hours filling it with everything from the living room and bedroom areas. Next we unbolted and removed the two front chairs and the couch.


Carpet Installation

The carpet was installed by a husband and wife who were a great work team couple. They tore out the old carpet and began installing the new. We only hit one snag. We chose a thick padding, and we discovered that it wouldn't fit under the slideout unit. Oh well, we just kept the existing thinner pad in the living room, but did have the new carpet pad installed in the bedroom.

Larry and Carpet Installationmartin and aurora carpet installers


Desk Area Installation

Although he was late in arriving, the installation of the custom-built desk area went perfectly. The cabinetmaker had taken our design ideas and drawings and then made a few great improvements. Also he had taken one of our cabinet doors and had matched the finish perfectly. This new 13' dual workstation counter/cabinet fits perfectly and is a great improvement to our living/work space.

Remodeled area


Moving In

Our last mission for these remodel projects was moving everything back into the motorhome. We spent extra time going through the books, boxes, clothes, and other stuff before we moved back in. We donated some books to the campground library and dropped off several other items at the Deseret Industries store.

Annette's work area

Hopefully, we are now set for another five years of work and travel!

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 3/04.