Rumney, New Hampshire

Annette's dad sent us some email indicating that a bunch of ancestors were buried in New Hampshire. When we got out the map, we realized that the cemetery was only about an hour from our campground. Although the topo map didn't specify a Rumney Depot Cemetery, it looked like a number of possibilities were in the area.

Rumney Depot Cemetery

When we arrived in the small town of Rumney Depot, we were excited to see the cemetery right across the street from the town hall.

The sign on the gate (see photo) left no doubt that we'd found the right place.


The Layout

The cemetery was small and organized by families including the names Darling, Webber, Herbert, Irving, Fellows, Spalding, Kelley, Eastman, Collins, Wentworth, Smarts, Emerson, Mitchell, and of course, Preston.

Rumney Depot Cemetary


Annette with William PrestonWilliam Preston

We walked north through the gate and along what was once a carriage road. The first Preston we encountered was the most important, William Preston. The links below are large photos.

Annette with William Preston

Closeup of William Preston


William Preston


Maj. WILLIAM PRESTON DIED Jan 17, 1842 in the 88 yr of his age

ELIZABETH wife of Maj. William Preston DIED June 17, 1807 in the 47 yr of her age.


Benjamin Preston Monument

At the north end of the cemetery just past William's grave, we found an area containing a tall Preston monument with seven names and many small stones. It appears to be Benjamin Preston and his children.

Annette with Preston Children

Benjamin Preston Children Monument

Annette at Benjamin Preston Monument

Footstones - BP, AIEP, JAP, SAP, BP, AWP

Benjamin Preston Monument Reads:

Ben J.D. Preston died Oct. 8, 1876 AE 57 (east side of monument)

Wm. B. Preston died 1848 AE 48 (north side of monument)
Collins Preston died Apr 15 1837 AE 44
Sarah A Preston died Feb 2 1861 AE 52

Ben J. Preston died Apr 12 1828 AE 44 (west side of monument)
Ann W. his wife died Sept 6 1844 AE 58

John A. Preston 14th N HV died in Washington DC Oct 16 1864 AE 36
I died for my country (south side of monument)


Preston Area

At the center of the cemetery, we found a row of Prestons.

Preston Children Section 2

Preston Children Second Area

Fletcher B. Preston 1828-1884 (north end of row)
Eliza Fenderson 1880-1905
Willie J. Preston 1864-1866 (back of stone)
Lizzie B. Preston 1868-1870 (back of stone)

Dr. A.W. Preston died Dec 13, 1861 AE 42 yrs 10 mts

Two original stones that can't be read: stone 1 and stone 2

Colonel Joseph Preston 1796-1868
Eliza B. Burnham 1794-1880
Roxanna Preston 1807
His wives

Elizabeth A. Preston died Nov 6, 1861, AE 11 years (Col. Joseph)

Caroline A. Preston 1845-1914 (married to Eastman) (south end of row)


Other Areas

There were a few other stones with Preston names.

Clinton F. Preston 1826-1802 (wife Rachael A. Doe)

Jennie Preston 1848-1929 (part of Irving family)

Rumney Depot Cemetery
Rumney Depot Cemetery


The Area

It was really interesting exploring this beautiful cemetery. We were able to confirm some information as well as add some things to the family history.

Rumney Depot Cemetery


Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 10/04.