Update: June 2004
Illinois, New Orleans, and Orlando

After Memorial Day, we headed back to central Illinois for a few weeks. This time we took the RV and parked at a great Army Corps of Engineers campground called Lithia Springs - - just a few miles from Larry's dad's house. We were a little concerned about whether we could get the satellite onto signal through the trees there, but it worked fine. We were busy online working on our summer classes much of the time, but took time out for visits with Sylvester (Larry's Dad), got to see the kids, held a family picnic at our campsite, and attended a class reunion.

Larry's 40th Class Reunion

Larry's 40th Class Reunion was held the second week of June. This was the first reunion after the closing/consolidation of their high school in Findlay, Illinois.

Larry's 40th class reunion

Shown above are some of the diners at one meal at the two-day reunion event.


Alabama teachers

Summer Workshops

May and June are busy months for professional development workshops. Annette spent time in Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, and North Dakota working with teachers. The picture on the left shows a group of elementary teachers from Huntsville, Alabama.


New Orleans

The National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) met in New Orleans this year. Larry and Annette were busy with conducting workshops and making presentations. They led two off-site workshops providing a chance to visit a local high school and university. The photo below left shows Annette at their poster session.

Annette at poster sessionFrench Quarter

They took time out for a little shopping and dinner with friends. The photo above right shows the French Market area. Below, they enjoyed the street performers and art booths. In the evening, they went to the IMAX to see the new Harry Potter movie!

street performerFrench Market New Orleans



Annette attended the American Library Association meeting in Orlando, Florida at the end of June. She enjoyed speaking on a program with Danny Callison and a group of teachers and media specialists.

One of the highlights of the trip was the chance to see a special showing of Fahrenheit 911 with thousands of other American Library Association members at the Orlando Convention Center. Everyone donated $10 to be used to fund projects supporting intellectual freedom and efforts to fight the Patriot Act.


Web Cam Update

Our family has been working on getting everyone using their web cams. We've tried AOL and Yahoo, next we'll try out MSN messenger. All the services work about the same. We've had a great time watching nephew Alex progress from being a newborn infant to become an adorable baby with lots of personality.

Alex looking at cameramore alex looking at web cam

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 7/04.