Great Smoky Mountain National Park

The weather was getting cooler, but that didn't stop us from a hike in the park. Again, we decided to explore a new area. We parked along the Little River just inside the park, bundled up in sweatshirts, hats, and gloves, and walked through the woods to the Little Greenbrier School.

Little Greenbrier School

The trail included a number of water crossings on fun bridges like the one below.

Annette on bridgeRiver

The school was built in 1882 and operated for 50 years. In 1969, a retired teacher named Miss Elsie Burrell volunteered at the school and worked there until she was 95. She once called the area, "God's beauty spot out of doors, open for you, and full of opportunities to learn."

Smoky Mountain schoolWe spent a few minutes walking around the cemetery (right) and photographed the school (right).

Walker House

Rather than head back to the car, we chose to continue another couple miles to find the Walker House.

Old house in SMNP

Three sisters lived in the home until recently when it was turned over to the park service. Annette enjoyed peeking out the windows (below right) and crawling up the ladder to the attic. The area included a barn and a spring house (below left).

Smoky Mountains and AnnetteAnnette at window

One of the highlights of the trip to the Walker House was crossing the stream. We had to use a series of branches and logs to avoid falling into the water. Annette almost "lost it" but recovered and made it across without getting wet.

Annette on rope bridgeAnnette almost falling

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 5/05.