Update: Alex's Baptism in Dallas

Alex, Arrion, & Ben

Labor Day Weekend, we took a quick trip to Dallas to visit family. It was time for nephew Alex's baptism.


Alex and ArrionGetting Ready

We arrived at the house just in time to get Alex dressed up for his big event.

The outfit was very cute, but barely big enough. He's been growing! After a quick photo with the hat, we decided the hat and socks were going to fall off, so we went ahead and took them off.


Baby Alex at four monthsWe set up a little photo studio for some pictures. We decided Alex's Lion King quilt was a perfect background color.

Alexander Michael is very photogenic. We took a zillion photographs! Luckily we had a digital camera.

Ben, Arrion, & Alex


For a late summer day, the weather was great.

Members of both Arrion's and Ben's family attended the baptism. Ben's parents (Andy and Brenda), sister (Sarah), and grandfather (Bud) came from Illinois. Arrion's parents (Nancy and Bill) came from Kansas.

St. Joseph Catholic Church has a special time on Saturday for baptisms. There were five babies and a toddler.

After the ceremony, we toured the building and attached school. Ben and Arrion planning to enroll Alex in the new elementary school.

On the right, you'll see a photo of Ben, Alex, and Arrion.


Smith Family

Annette is one of Alex's godparents, so she had to pay attention and answer questions during the ceremony. Although Annette isn't Catholic, she thinks she can handle the responsibility.

Above, you'll see Annette, Bill, Ben, Alex, Arrion, Nancy, and Larry.

Rathsack family

Above, you'll see Sarah, Ben, Alex, Arrion, Bud, Brenda, and Andy.


Alex & Annette

Alex Weekend

At four months old, Alex is at a fun age. He'll roll side to side as he watches toys move before his eyes. Annette had fun helping Alex roll over. He's very close to being able to do it on his own. He just needs to figure out how to tuck in his arm.

Arrion & Annette


Of course, food was one of the highlights of the event. Even though practically everyone at the gathering was on the South Beach or Weight Watchers diet, we all decided to splurge for the weekend.



We had BBQ from Spring Creek Barbeque for lunch and crockpot chicken & noodles for supper. We had fun developing a creative diabetic home-made ice cream recipe that included sugar-free pudding. Next time, we're going to try using Splenda.

Ben, Alex, Arrion

Alex is "into" spoons right now since he just starting eating cereal. In this photo Ben is tempting him with home made ice cream.


Uncle Larry and AlexLarry the Babysitter

Arrion and Annette did some shopping on Monday. Larry was the designated babysitter. He got the chance to feed the baby, get spit on (see photo left), and change a diaper. With three kids of his own, Uncle Larry is a pro.

Larry also enjoyed the wireless high speed Internet access at the Rathsack household. Annette and Larry both spent time communicating with students during the long holiday weekend.


Baby Toys

Too bad that Baby Alex doesn't have any toys.... ha! The living room is now filled with various types of rockers, jumpers, swings, tents, chairs, and toy apparatus. Uncle Larry put together the latest cool addition. Check it out below:

Alex in toys

Our time together was way too short, but it was time to get back to Maine.


Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 9/04.