Winter in Illinois

rv disasterempty rv

In Fall 2004, we found a water leak in the bathroom of the motorhome. We quickly ascertained that the water had already done serious damage to the subfloor in the entire back section of our motorhome. Rather than trying to work with a local dealer, we decided to schedule the repairs at the Monoco Coach factory in Elkhart, Indiana. The first week of January we dropped off the RV. After some discussions with the service manager, we opted to replace the entire floor including the carpet and tile with an all wood floor. In addition, our extreme RV makeover also included new televisions and a replacement washer and dryer.

After making all the arrangements and emptying items from the RV, we headed to Illinois. Unfortunately our timing was poor because we ran right into a snowstorm. At least we were in the Jeep rather than the RV!


Visit to Clarksburg

We stopped for a few days in Clarksburg to visit Larry's dad. We also enjoyed spending time with Ben and Brooke. The photo below shows Sylvester, Larry, and Ben playing cards.

Sylvester Larry Ben


Ben and Sylvester


We also spent some time videotaping Sylvester as he told classic Arkansas stories.



Ben was still on winter break from Illinois State University. We enjoyed hearing about his school life, and he entertained us with his guitar music - - an added treat.


Late Christmas Celebration

Both Brooke and Ben came over for a late Christmas celebration. Larry framed one of his recent photographs for Brooke. We also enjoyed playing a rowdy game of Sceneit.

Larry and BrookeBrooke and Annette

Created by Annette Lamb, 5/05.