Kolob Road & Zion National Park
Fall 2005


When we arrived in Virgin, Utah at the Zion River Resort, we knew that we wouldn't have much time to play. Our October calendar was packed with work-related activities.

KolbAnnette spent much of the month on flights across the US. After missing a late night connecting in Salt Lake City, she had to stay the night and returned to St. George the next morning. It was time for a break, so we spent most of the afternoon driving up Kolob Road into the Zion National Park and on to the lake.


The wind rustled through colonies of beautiful golden Aspens along the country road. We drove to the Kolob Reservoir, then back down the mountain. In a few weeks, there will probably be snow up here.



Although it was late afternoon, we took a short hike for great views of the mountains. The weather was cool, but excellent for hiking.


As we drove back to the RV park, the sun reached the perfect level to light up the Zion cliffs. This is our favorite part of the day. Photographers come from throughout the world to photograph these afternoon colors. We get to see them every day! That's why we love it here.


October and November flew by! Before we knew it, the ground was freezing and leaves were gone. Other than trips up Kolob Road to check for eagles who frequent a pond near our campground (we saw a bald eagle, but have not gotten that perfect shot), we spent most of our time working. We also took a few off-road drives and short hikes. Winter in southern Utah is filled with cattails, burrs, and tall yellow grass sprinkled with sagebrush and bordered by junipers.


Larry grill fishGrilling

One of the advantages of our winter location is year-round grilling. We found a new favorite grill item, fresh Alaskan halibut with grilled pineapple and veggies. Yum!

Grill fish

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 1/06.