Rocky Mountain National Park with Ben
Part 1

Larry and Ben

We looked forward to Ben's visit and the opportunity to show him our favorite places in the Estes Park area. We tooks lots of trips into the park. The photo below shows the area known as Horseshoe Park.

Fall River view

Rocky Mountains with Ben and Larry

Trail Ridge Road

One of our adventures was a trip up Trail Ridge Road. It was a cool day, but the sun was warm and bright.

Rocky Mountains with Ben and Larry

We stopped at many of the pull-offs to enjoy the views and watch the birds and small animals such as squirrels and marmots.

The photo on the right was taken at Rainbow Curve.


We also stopped at the Gore Range and Rock Cut areas. The yellow-bellied marmots were fun to watch as they scrambled around the rocks.


There was still lots of snow at the higher elevations. It was cold and windy at the top. The yellow-bellied marmots seemed to like it, but Ben thought it was a little cold.


They had cleared the snow from the front of the Visitor's Center and it was open, but the shops were still closed. Although it was cool, it was warmer than the day we went with Bill and Nancy.

Rocky Mountains with Ben and Larry

Endovalley Picnic

We also took Ben on a Taco Bell picnic to Endovalley. There was a great looking elk bull near the restrooms. We were also entertained by the local birds.

Rocky Mountains with Ben and elkstellar jay

After our picnic we enjoyed a hike up the Alluvial Fan. We could see bighorn sheep in the distance.

Rocky Mountains

We had a really relaxing day in the park and were amazed at how few people were around.

Annette and LarryAnnette

In the evening we went to St. Mary's Lodge to listen to some good folk music.

Rocky MountainsGlen Haven Picnic Area

Another day we spent the morning at the Art Fair in downtown Estes Park and also explored the shops.

We had such a nice time at Glen Haven Picnic area with Annette's parents that we decided to return to the area with Ben.

Rocky Mountains
We explored the area near the river, then did a little hiking. There's a great hike to an area overlooking the river.

Rocky Mountains

The rock formations were very interesting. While Larry and Ben did some photography, Annette sketched the landscape.

Ben is becoming interested in photography, so Larry gave him some pointers.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains
It rained over Memorial Day weekend, so we went to Loveland and did some shopping rather than going into the park.

Created by Annette Lamb, 6/05.