Rocky Mountain National Park with Ben
Part 2

Work and rain intruded on our Rocky Mountain fun. However we decided to make the most of two nice days in the middle of the week.

BenBear Lake

We drove up Bear Lake Road and walked around Bear Lake. There was less snow than earlier in the summer. Ben made friends with a golden mantle ground squirrel (below right).


Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountains

Sprague Lake

Rocky MountainsAfter exploring Bear Lake, we headed down the mountain and stopped at Sprague Lake. The late afternoon walk was beautiful. The ducks on the lake had cute little ducklings. We also saw a beautiful elk and her baby calf.

We decided to wait for sunset. Sunsets over the mountains are always interesting and beautiful.




rocky mountain ducks
Rocky MountainsRocky MountainsRocky Mountains

Alberta Falls

After Annette spent the morning at the dentist, it was time for some fun. We drove up Bear Lake Road and stopped at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. After a short hike, we arrived at Alberta Falls. The view was spectacular.

Alberta FallsRocky Mountains

We thought about hiking on up to mountain trail, but a fellow hiker said that it was still covered in snow. Instead, we took our time hiking back down the hill and stopped along the river to take some photographs.

Ben and Annette


Larry and Ben

When we reached the car, we took a leisurely drive down the mountain stopping at overlooks and taking short walks into the woods.

We were on the lookout for bears, but never saw one. Instead we enjoyed the company of squirrels, birds, elk, and coyote.


Ben's Adventures

Ben was able to contact a friend (photo below) who was spending the summer in Denver. They got together and hiked to the top of Twin Sisters Peak. Although it was very cold, they had a nice trip.

ben's friend

Ben enjoyed using Larry's camera and took lots of photos. We rarely take photos of the two of us together, so it was fun to see his photographs.

Larry and Annette


Created by Annette Lamb, 6/05.