Lily Lake and Fern Lake Hikes RMNP

The end of our time at Estes Park came way too fast. Too much work and not enough playtime, so we decided to take a couple short hikes before leaving Colorado.


We made a list of our favorite activities including back country drives, hikes, rushing streams, scrambling around on rocks, examining wildflowers, sketching, viewing wildlife, photographing everything, and just exploring nature.

yellow flowers
Lily Lake

We arrived in the afternoon for a quick hike around Lily Lake. On our way to the hike, we had to stop in the road on the edge of town to allow several elk cows and their young calves to cross.

Our first stop was for a chat with a National Park naturalist. We wanted to double check some of our information about the local animals. Okay, we've been calling the Wyoming Ground Squirrels, prairie dogs. Oh well. They looked like Gunnison Prairie Dogs to us. We were told that the Gunnison Prarie Dogs are found only on the western slope of the Rockies.

lily lake

The weather was great, but the may flies were hatching, so it was very buggy.

lily lake

Half way around the lake we decided to extend out walk by hiking up the hill and along the ridge for a view of Deer Mountain and Morraine Park.

lily lake

Fern Lake

Our final adventure was another late afternoon hike in the National Park. This time we took the Fern Lake trail. We saw lot of wildflowers on the trail.


We walked to the area called "The Pools" on the way to Fern Lake. The bugs were getting nasty and it was getting late, so we decided to turn around at the bridge overlooking the pools.


Our Farewell Drive

We took one final drive in the park before heading to Wyoming. We'll miss Estes Park! We are coming back in the early Fall.

morraine park


Created by Annette Lamb, 7/05.