bisonYellowstone Wyoming

After arriving in Cody, we took a day trip along the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway into Yellowstone National Park. We headed west out of Cody on US Highway 14/16/20. The drive follows the North Fork of the Shoshone River. After passing the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and State Park, the road continues through the Wapiti Valley. Before the east entrance to Yellowstone, we encountered road construction.

bisonYellowstone Welcome

A bison welcomed us to the park near Sedge Bay. Walking along the Yellowstone Lake shoreline, he walked right in front of us and across the road.



We were surprised to discover an RV park in the National Park with full hookups! The Fishing Bridge RV campground is open all summer. We stopped at a Fishing Bridge Museum and Visitor Center and explored the bookstore. Then, stopped for ice cream at one of the shops.


Pelican Creek Nature Trail

We decided to take two short hikes on nature trails near Yellowstone Lake.

At the entrance of Pelican Creek Nature Trail, a sign indicated that bears had been seen in the area. We took some water, our camera, and bear spray. We walked along a mile long loop through woods, marsh, and along a shore.


There were butterflies everywhere. Below Annette is taking some great video footage and well as photos with the digital camera.


Storm Point Nature Trail

A two-mile loop, our next hike was a little longer and included a walk through an open meadow and woods to a point overlooking the water.


We saw two pelicans in the lake.



Lake Butte

We took a short drive to the top of Lake Butte for great views of Yellowstone Lake.

The area around Lake Butte had experienced a fire recently. The burn created rich undergrowth including many types of wildflowers.




Created by Annette Lamb, 8/05.