Hot Springs & Legend Rock State Park

Hot Springs

Hot SpringsWe moved the RV a couple hours south to Thermopolis. We parked at a cute little rural park called Country Campin'.

While there, we visited the Hot Springs State Park to pick up a key to the Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site.


After our disappointment at Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site, we set our expectations low. We drove northwest of town and found the entrance on a gravel road. About a half mile past the locked gate, we arrived at the parking area.

legend rockAfter walking down a short trail we were thrilled to see a long rock wall, filled with rock art dating from 500-1700 AD.

Although relatively recent, the petroglyphs were unique and varied depicting a variety of animals, people, and other figures. Learn more about the petroglyphs at the Thermopolis Wyoming - Petroglyphs website.

legendLegend RockLegend Rock

Legend Rock

While Larry took photographs, Annette sketched the many interesting petroglyghs.

We spent a few hours inspecting, sketching, and photographing the rock art. It is a great site.

Legend Rock

Jeep Legend

We locked the gate behind us and returned the key to the state park office.

After a night in Thermopolis, we drove to Lander.

Created by Annette Lamb, 8/05.