Construction at Zion River Resort

Last year southwest Utah was hit hard by floods along the Virgin River that flows behind our RV park. The snowbirds along with the managers worked hard to place sandbags along the river wall to save the park. A rock wall was later constructed.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service's (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Program allocated money to assist in river bed restoration efforts to prevent new flooding. Read an article in the Hurricane Valley Journal.



It was interesting to watch the many preparations that look place before the workers began creating the rock wall. First, they loaded rock from a nearby canyon into large trucks and dumped it huge piles in the field next to the RV park. It was fascinating to watch the boulders tumble out of the truck beds.

Zion River Construction


Many days were spent redirecting the river so they could begin work on the walls. Next, they brought in equipment to prepare the area for the rock wall.

Zion River Construction


The Wall

Zion River Construction

While the dump trucks brought in loads of boulders, the diggers stacked the rocks along the prepared bank.


Zion River Construction

The Cleanup

Once the wall was constructed, the river was returned to it's original course.

Zion River Construction

The Grand Finale

It was exciting to watch the transformation of the area. Hopefully the new wall will protect the park and the river will be able to flow freely.

Construction done

A small break in the wall near the park still allows visitors to walk down the the river and enjoy the water and rocks.

Zion River Construction


Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 2/06.