Rock Art of Utah

Parawan GapAfter a couple months of heavy work, we decided to take some time off and explore some rock art sites north of the St. George area.

We drove north on I-15 past Cedar City and took highway 130 into the country.

Parawan Gap

Our first stop was along the road at the Bureau of Land Management's Parowan Gap Petroglyphs. The gap can be seen from a distance and is oriented east and west. As soon as you get near the rocks, you can see that they are filled with petroglyphs.

Parawan GapParawan Gap

More than 1000 years ago, the ancestors of the Southern Paiute and Sevier Fremont people left these petroglyphs along this ancient road in southern Utah.

Parawan GapParawan GapParawan Gap

The images include shapes, people, animals, and objects. While some of the visuals are isolated, many clearly tell stories.


Parawan Gap

Parawan Gap


After enjoying the petroglyphs, we did a little geocaching on the way back to the Interstate.



Fremont Indian State ParkFremont Indian State Park

Our next stop was Fremont Indian State Park. After enjoying the museum and movie at the Visitor Center, purchased a guide to the many rock art sites in the area.


Fremont Indian State ParkFremont Indian State Park

Hikes in the Park

Rock art can be found among the rocks for several miles next to the interstate. After purchasing a map that detailed many of the locations, we started at the Visitor Center and followed the marked trail.

Fremont State ParkFremont Indian State ParkFremont State Park

We took many short hikes to enjoy the art. In some cases the art was easy to find. However sometimes we had to climb around for a while before we could see the best examples.

Fremont Indian State Park


Some of the art could be found next to the road. However most of the time, we had to hike. We walked on a trail under the interstate and along a snowy trail to find the images below on the walls of a cave.

Fremont Hands


Fremont WallsThe art on the left was inside another cave. The caves protect the art of the wind, rain, and sun.


Some of the art (below right) could only be viewed from a distance.

Fremont State ParkFremont State Park


Unfortunately, many unique areas were probably destroyed when the interstate was built. We wondered how many more sites are yet to be found in the mountains beyond this area.

Fremont State Park

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 3/06.