Pine Creek Hike

Pine Valley

Our time in Zion was getting short, so we planned a few final hikes before leaving the area.


Pine Creek

Larry spent a day with a naturalist in February. He took Annette back to one of his favorite stops at Pine Creek. The hike starts at the base of the bridge on the highway leading to the tunnels and the east side of Zion.

Pine Valley

The sky was clear and a light breeze felt good in the afternoon sun. As we walked along the stream we enjoyed watching dipper birds play in the water.


Pine ValleyCat tailCat tail


Pine Creek bridgeWe could hear the roar of the falls as we made our approach. It was beautiful.

The green ferns on the ledges are an interesting contrast to the red, orange, and pink cliffs.


LizardPine Valley


Pine Valley

We decided that this was a hike for our friend Joe who died recently.

Pine Valley


Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 2/06.