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Boulder Mountain Retreat

On our way back to the midwest, we decided to stop by our new property in Teasdale, Utah. We drove to Richfield, Utah and left the motorhome at the KOA. Then, we took the Jeep into the mountains.

Grist mill

The Trip

As we drove toward Teasdale, we talked about the many places we'd like to visit in southern Utah. For example located at the base of Thousand Lake Mountain, the Nielsen Grist Mill was built for Hans Peter Nielsen around 1893. The mill sits at the edge of the Fremont River and serves as a flour mill.

As we approached the turnoff to Boulder foothills, we stopped to observe a huge eagle's nest high in a tree near the road. The two eagles were fascinating to watch.

2 eagles

At the base of the mountain, we stopped to photograph the gravel road that leads up to our property.

Retreat road

As you can see by the photo below, we live in a "gated community." Does a cattle gate count?

Teasdale gate


Drive wayBig Plans

We spent a few hours walking around the property, measuring, and talking about potential building sites. We had a blast!



In the photo below, we're working on plans to orient the house to the south for energy efficiency.

Boulder Mountain Retreat

Larry is heading east to help set up the east-west orientation. Annette is standing in the garage.

Drive way

Boulder Mountain RetreatExploration

After working on house plans, we did a little exploring. We unloaded some rocks we'd been collecting along with some animal bones we found on the property.

We added a sign to let people know who would be living at the mountain retreat!

Before leaving we took a walk along our dry wash. Annette found a great rock in the middle of an ancient wash. Below right is a photo of the grass from our property. It won't take long to mow!

Annette on rockBoulder Mountain Retreat

We have much more rock and lichen than grass. The lichen is orange, yellow, gray, and white. We also have lots of interesting berries, pine cones, and other interesting plant seeds.

Boulder Mountain Retreat Boulder Mountain Retreat

Annette's dad was wondering whether the water from spring runoff would ever flood the property. The answer is -- no way! We're standing in the wash looking up at the building site.

Boulder Mountain Retreatteasdale steep land

As we left our beautiful property, we looked back down the hill and wondered when we could start building our dream house!

Boulder Mountain Retreat

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 4/06.