Glacier National Park - Back Over the Mountains

Fish Lake

We enjoyed our time at Many Glaciers, but we knew we had to head back home. An early morning hike and breakfast were our last activities. We took a short walk to Firecap Lake.

Annette and TreeFishlake hike

The early morning sun and still waters created wonderful shadows on the lake.


We drove back along Going to the Sun Road and stopped for another photo at the Goose Island viewpoint.

Glacier National Park

Going to the sun road

Since we returned after the Labor Day weekend crowd was gone, we were able to find a parking space at the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

Other than a few trips into Whitefish for the farmer's market, we spent the rest of our time in Montana working. However we were glad we took the time for our trip to Many Glaciers. And what a great place to work.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 9/06.