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Locate a Web Host
There are many websites that provide free web hosting for personal and school web pages. The first place to check is your local or national service provider. You may already have free space available. Many of the educational website hosts provide easy-to-use templates.
Whenever you use a web hosting service, be sure to save a backup of your web page. Some of these free services may either disappear or become subscription services.
Free Web Hosting Services
The following popular web hosting services are available to anyone for personal use. Some of these sites provide templates for creating web pages, while others require that you create the web page then upload to their service.

Free School and Teacher Website Hosting
The following web hosting services provide resources specifically for educators. An easy-to-use template is provided. You just complete the information and your page will appear on the web! Compare and contrast the services and explore some examples before you decide on a service.
Student Web Pages
You may want to get your students involved with web page development. The following websites will host student projects.
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