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The School Library Media Specialist

Child and teacherWelcome to S671:
The School Library Media Specialist

A school is a learning community. Each teacher and child comes with a unique set of experiences that contribute to the community of learning. The school library media center offers a wide variety of resources and opportunities. However, the enthusiastic leadership of a teacher librarian is essential to bring the potential of information and learning resources alive for both teachers and students.

Designed primarily as a tool for a university course at Indiana University at Indianapolis, this website is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the role of the school library media specialist in today's schools.

The course contains five main sections: Overview, Library Media Program, Information Access & Delivery, Program Administration, and Program Advocacy.

Explore the Course Materials section to read the Syllabus, explore the Calendar, Requirements and Checklist. When you're ready to begin, work your way through the Course Guide.

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