Head Librarian, Educational Resources Library, Boston University.
Author of Measuring Up (Column in Knowledge Quest.), 2000-present.

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Gordon, Carol A. Methods for Measuring the Influence of Concept Mapping on Student Information Literacy. School Library Media Research, 5, 2002. This paper explores the theory of expected information, which uses formulas derived from the Fano measure (1961) and Bayesian statistics (1764), and demonstrates its application in a study on the effects of concept mapping on the searching behavior of tenth-grade biology students.

Gordon, Carol A. The Effects of Concept Mapping on the Searching Behavior of Tenth-Grade Students. School Library Media Research, 3, 2000. A qualitative study addressed the effect of concept mapping on the searching behavior of tenth-grade students engaged in research projects based on their instruction in a classroom-based genetics unit.

Gordon, Carol. Students As Authentic Researchers: A New Prescription for the High School Research Assignment. School Library Media Research, 3,1999. Can tenth graders in a qualitative action research study that investigates the effectiveness of an assignment that requires primary research methods and an essay of two thousand words.

Gordon, Carol A. The Place of the School Library Media Program in the Accreditation Process  of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. A Position Paper of the New England Educational Media Association, 2002.

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