Gary Hartzell is Professor Emertius (Retired Summer '05) of Educational Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he taught in the master’s and doctoral degree programs, preparing students for careers as building and district-level administrators. After serving as a high school teacher, assistant principal, and principal in California, he completed his doctorate at UCLA in 1990 and joined the educational administration\faculty at UNOmaha. His research interests center on schools as workplaces for adults, with particular attention to workplace relationships.

In the last few years, he has especially concentrated on the roles and relationships among school librarians and their colleagues.

Among other works, Gary is the author of Building Influence for the School Librarian, 2nd edition (Linworth, 2003), the lead author of New Voices in the Field: The Work Lives of First-Year Assistant Principals (Corwin Press, 1995), and the author of numerous articles on school administration practices, assistant principals, school librarians, and workplace relationships. He
is an internationally known speaker on librarian-principal relationships, spoke at the White House Conference on School Libraries in June of 2002, is a member of the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries Advisory Committee, and a monthly columnist for the School Library Journal.

Articles, Papers, & Presentations Online:
Hartzel, Gary. Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? Teacher Librarian, Dec. 2003.
Principals should support school libraries because it is in both their students' and their own best interests to do so. Quality library media programs can enhance student achievement, and informed, committed librarians can help principals enhance their own administrative practice.

Hartzell, Gary. Capitalizing on the School Library’s Potential to Positively Affect Student Achievement. White House Conference on School Libraries, June 2002.
Includes a bibliography of 50 years' worth of studies showing school library impact, materials on the role of the principal in quality library media programs, and persuasion materials (links to PowerPoint presentations and other items).

Hartzell, Gary. What’s It Take? White House Conference on School Libraries. White House Conference on School Libraries, June 2002. and

Hartzell, Gary. Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? ERIC Digest. ERIC Identifier: ED470034 Publication. Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology Syracuse NY, Nov. 2002.

Hartzel, Gary N. The Implications of Selected School Reform Approaches for School Library Media Services. School Library Media Research; 4, 2001. This paper explores the implications of selected school reforms for library media services.

Hartzell, Gary N. The Invisible School Librarian: Why Other Educators Are Blind to Your Value. School Library Journal, Nov. 1997. Former principal examines the reasons administrators and teacher overlook you.

Selected Books:
Hartzell, Gary. Building Influence for the School Librarian: Tenets, Targets, and Tactics (2nd Ed.). Linworth Publishing, Oct. 2003.
How to promote your library and become an influential player in your school and district. As the school librarian, you play a critical role in impacting student achievement. Learn how to develop your influence and make an even bigger difference both inside and outside the library media center.

Hartzell, Gary. A Principal Resource: Using the School Library Media Center to Improve Administrative Performance. Libraries Unlimited Inc., Dec. 2004.

Hartzell, Gary. Invisible to Indispensable: Rethinking the Library Media Specialist-School Principal Relationship. Libraries Unlimited Inc., Dec. 2004.

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