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Ten Technology Tools for Technology-Rich Learning

What tools are useful in learning?

How can tools be integrated into lessons and units?

How can technology be used to address standards?

Person holding giant hammerA tool is an instrument used for doing work. It can be anything that helps you accomplish a goal. Consider how tools can help your students do meaningful work.

eye means essentialRead Geo-Literacy: Forging New Ground from Edutopia. Think about all the ways that technology has been integrated into this project. Consider ways you could redesign this plan to fit a different school or library situation. Be sure to watch the QuickTime videos to learn more about the project.

Examine the linked pages to explore ways to engage students in learning through the use of technology tools into your classroom.

Ten Technology Tools

teacher tap logoUse the following links to access Teacher Tap pages for each of the following Ten Technology Tools:

  1. Data/Calculation Tools & Technology
  2. Design Tools & Technology
  3. Discussion Tools & Technology
  4. Email Tools & Technology
  5. Handheld Devices in the Classroom
  6. Instructional Tools & Technology-Rich Learning
  7. Interactive Tools & Technology-Rich Learning
  8. Publishing/Visual Tools & Technology
  9. Multimedia Tools & Technology
  10. Writing Tools & Technology

Technology Tools in Learning

There are a wide range of tools available for students, educators, and librarians. The key is selecting materials that are effective, efficient, and appealing.

Read Computers as Tools to learn about how computers can be used as tools.

Read Engaging Technology Tools Projects to learn about building meaningful, engaging, real-world projects.

Justify Technology Tools

Consider the reason for selecting technology. Is the tool for instruction or communication? How will the technology tools help children learn or share their understandings? It's important that students do "real work." In other words, they need to be completing meaningful activities for a caring audience.

eye means essentialRead Student Creators from Edutopia. Notice that technology is in the background of the projects. The children are active participants in real projects that involve resources, information, and interaction.

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