TRANSMEDIA: Skills For The Transmedia Flood

These transmedia environments require 21st century skills. Exploring national standards is a good place two start. Here are a couple examples of topics that should be addressed:

Web Advertisements. An increasing number of online resources help students understand how advertising and web content are interwoven. Explore online services that provide advertising to see examples. For instance, go to Kontera's ad gallery. Involve students in writing and embedding their own ads. Where would they put ads on the screen? What kinds of ads would they use in a particular website? Pick a website and design an ad for your favorite product. Then, explain why it should be effective based on advertising principles. Use these interactives to provide an foundation of skills.

Fact, Fiction, and Fakes. Transmedia storytelling activities might include fact, fiction, and fake websites. In addition, they may promote misinformation or opinions.

In the intermediate level fiction book titled Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka, readers are taken to information websites. They look like nonfiction websites, but are they really fiction because they're invented for use with the book? Examples include SPHDZAnti-alien Agency, and Mrs. Halley's Cometsclass.

Young people need to distinguish among these. Explore the following resources for ideas.


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