Five New Environments for writing

Social media has introduced a spectrum of new environments for writing. Let's use Figment as an example.

  1. Favorite, Vote, Tag, or Categorize. Many social networks allow participants to be actively thinking and participating without the need for lots of words. Users can add their ideas in other ways such as voting, tagging articles, or favoriting pages.
  2. Comment or Reply. At Figment, participants are encouraged to post their writing as well as contribute to the work of others through comments and replies.
  3. Create and Share. Use social media as a way to share your writing. Figment has many opportunities to participate in writing contests and interesting writing activities. For instance, Kate diCamillo asked participants to use a line from one of her books in a story. She also encouraged students to read The Chronicles of Harris Burdick that includes 14 popular authors writing about images.
  4. Collaborate. Groups and forums are a place where people can make contacts for collaborations.
  5. Moderate or Lead. Participants may become moderators of groups or leaders in collaborative activities.

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