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Maya loves school, but she doesn't always enjoy reading. However she becomes fascinated when her teacher describes the plight of immigrants. She wonders what it would be like to ride a ship across the ocean to a new home or walk miles through the desert seeking freedom.

Her mind becomes filled with questions. Why would people leave their homes to go to a new land? What would it be like to leave all your friends behind? Maya's teacher notices her interest and suggests that she go to the school library to find a couple books she might be interested in reading.

Rather than just sending her to the library, the teacher gives her a bright yellow "Information Investigator Badge" so they media specialist will know that she's on a special mission. Maya is thrilled with the attention and handles the badge carefully as she walks to the library.

clipboard interviewHer positive experience with the Information Investigator Badge spilled over into other areas. When her teacher asked for volunteers to create a skit for younger students about maintaining a healthy body, Maya volunteered. They used clipboards for both planning and as part of their skit.

Grade 4 Science Standards:

Explore Ms. Anderson's involvement as an instructional specialist.

Explore clipboards used by student information scientists.


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