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girl at computerFish Are Friends!

Since watching the movie Finding Nemo and reading the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, Alyssa has been fascinated with fish. Her questions are endless:

Alyssa is learning to use the new laptops in the learning laboratory. While learning to use the mouse, she used Nemo's Create-a-Scene to make her own online story.

She also enjoys using the computer to find the answers to questions. Her teacher provided three good websites to help get her started.

Since Alyssa doesn't live near the ocean, she took a virtual visit to the Monterery Bay Aquarium.

fish puppetAlyssa and her best friend Emily are planning a puppet show focusing on the questions they have about fish. The fish puppet from The Rainbow Fish will be the star, but they area also creating their own puppets. They are decorating the puppet area of the media center to look like a coral reef.

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