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girl and booksGlorious Gardens and the BioBlog

Ashley loves her garden. She entered her tomatoes in the 4H fair and won a second place red ribbon. However she's already seeking ways to improve next year's crop.

She's thinking about the sources of information that were most useful this year. For example, Mrs. Collins who runs the farmer's market had lots of great ideas. She only talked with him briefly last year, but now she's going to go back with a set of prepared questions.

tomatoesAs she analyzed her data, she found that the Burpee seeds were the best. She's going to use the Burpee website to explore other tomato plant options.

Journaling is an important activity for gardeners. Ashley has been keeping a garden journal for three years. In addition to tracking her plantings, she also keep notes about things she learns in science, suggestions from fellow gardeners, and ideas for future projects.

She's started a digital journal so she can incorporate digital photos of her garden. She calls her journal the BioBlog.

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