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NEWS - Dr. Lamb was named one of the "Best of the Best" workshop presenters for NECC 2003.

Check out the happy workshop participants on the left. What more do you need? We've been collecting comments for years. Here are some samples from recent programs.

Workshop and Presentation Comments

I enjoyed the session and will apply these ideas and activities with my kids!

Good for inspiration - showed lots of examples.

Where does Lamb get all that energy? I can't wait to get back to school and try out all the ideas!

I'll share the handouts with my administrators and the content of the workshop with other teachers. The Presenters were excellent. :-)

I loved the fact that their presentation will be available on their website. Great idea.

Great job. I am pumped up!

Lots of ideas to work with. Great management hints and pitfalls to avoid.

Excellent, stimulating presentation to get us thinking about the possibilities. Thanks!

Annette always does a great job - packed with immediately useful ideas.

I'm a "Lamb" groupie. I try to get to every session she does at the conference! Bring her back next year!!!

Hands-on, Multi-day Workshops and Short Course Comments

This course has been without a question the most useful, practical course that I've ever taken at the college level. Seriously. Forget the sheep - clone LAMB!

Really, really liked it. I learned a great deal because I was constantly doing hands-on computer on a daily basis.

I enjoyed the hands-on structure of the workshop. It was extemely effective in learning the content.

It was very realistic and very helpful and practical in implementing my curriculum.

The class started right at my level. When I had a question, I could always understand the answer - they were at my level. When I wanted to know more - the answer was still understandable. Dr. Lamb is an EXCELLENT teacher!

This was SO fun! I am now a confident web developer.

The instructor is so full of energy. Thank you. I had a great time and learned a lot!

Everything was well-planned. I liked having the presentations, handouts, and web pages all matching and supporting the workshop.

The class was exactly what I expected from Dr. Lamb. Great!

I enjoyed working with Dr. Lamb one-on-one and learning more technical information.

The instructor was great. I really gained a lot of knowledge in a relatively short amount of time.

I thought I was going to be overwhelmed at first, but once we started doing the stuff on the computer I felt more comfy. It turned out to be just the right level - I learned a lot!

Just a great learning atmosphere. It's always so stimulating to be around other educators who share an enthusiasm for education.

I was a beginner with the computer, so I was very nervous. However, I am amazed at how MUCH I have learned in just 2 weeks. There were times I felt stressed - but got through them thanks to Dr. Lamb! I loved everything!

I will be teaching a semester course on Internet at the high school and now feel confident that I can make it worthwhile. I feel that I can not only use the Internet with some purpose now, I also feel I could give something back to the Internet by developing web projects.

The workshop was WAY COOOOL!

Quotes from Web pages

Annette Lamb's site with great resources. Annette Lamb is a dynamic speaker. All her presentations are online with hot links to the sites she recommends. - Mrs. Barnard's Teacher Resources

In a Missouri School Incentive Grant - The middle school librarian attended the 1994 state technology conference where she took notes on Dr. Annette Lamb's keynote speech, "Strap on Your Spurs: Technology Integration and Change Cowboy Style." Many of her points were put into action in our school.

If you ever have an opportunity to hear Annette Lamb speak, don't miss it - she is wonderful! - University of Colorado Website

Quotes from Listservs

I'm looking for recommendations for a keynote speaker for a conference devoted to bringing principals and superintendents up to speed with technology in the classroom. This is an annual conference and our past list of speakers includes: David Thornburg, Alan November, Rory McGreal, Chris Dede, Annette Lamb, Jim Carroll, Harvey Long, David Docterman, and Kent Voigt. Have you been to a conference lately and seen a speaker of note that would be of the calibre above? - Doug Peterson

...they have a publishing company, Vision to Action with Annette Lamb, Larry Johnson, and Nancy Smith. I do know the quality of their textbooks. Their textbooks are excellent and I am certain that the videos would be the same quality. I use the Cruisin' the Information Highway text for one Integrating the Internet Course that I teach on-line and I will use the Surfin the Internet: Practical Ideas for K-12 Classrooms for a new course that I will teach on-line in January. The writing is all in terms that people can understand. They are good people to,deal with as well. The video titles match the book titles and sight unseen, I would recommend them to any user. Another plus for the Surfin' the Internet is that there are several skills worksheets like mindmaps, thematic planning, topicing, etc that connect very well to the Information Process Approaches such as Big Six by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, FLIPit! by Alice Yucht, and the Follett Company's model by M. Pappas and A. Tepe. Within the texts, they cite Pappas, Tepe, and Kuhlthau which shows that they are writing from the Information Process Approach philosophy. Bottom line, I would certainly check out the videos further as I am certain they are of quality. I am happy to give more information about the courses I teach using these texts as well as any more information about the texts by these people if anyone is interested. Just e-mail me directly. - Tami Little

I attended a workshop at AECT by Drs. Larry Johnson and Annette Lamb of the University of Southern Indiana. They have written and presented extensively on the topic you're interested in, and take a rigorous, yet delightfully down-to-earth approach to some serious issues. - Jim Ellsworth

If you were a school librarian in 1988, you may remember Larry Johnson, a highly visible media person, prominent in IAECT. Larry, along with his wife, Annette Lamb, have titled their keynote address "Welcome to the Funny Farm: Managing Centers in the IInformation Age." Larry and Annette are both staff members at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville where Larry is the Media Services Coordinator, and Annette is Professor of Teacher Education. Our keynoters invite you to visit them prior to the conference at their home page, http://magic.usi.edu. There are many more good things to report so tune in often. - Pam Storm

The EduScapes site creating life-long learners by Dr. Annette Lamb. I saw the good doctor speak last spring and really enjoyed her weaving of the web. Check it out. http://www.eduscapes.com/ - Andrew Boatman

Workshop Photos

Iowa Summer Multimedia Workshop, 1997
EMPOWER: High Tech High School Project, 1998

Links to Other Comments and Connections

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Goals 2000 Grant

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