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The mission of Lamb Learning Group is to provide professional development services and resources for educators in the area of educational technology integration.

The purpose of this website is to:
share information about our services and resources.
highlight our professional developers.
provide useful teacher resources.
focus on exciting partnerships and ongoing projects.


Lamb Learning Group (LLG) supports the professional development needs of educators by providing professional developers that conduct workshops, presentations, consulting, and keynote addresses.

The audience for these activities include classroom teachers, library/media specialists, technology coordinators, preservice teachers, administrators, support staff, and other people involved with education.

The sponsor of these activities include school districts, universities, grant projects, regional education agencies, state education agencies, state organizations, and national/international organizations.

Funding for sponsored activities come from school district resources, state allocations, federal funds, grants, and conference registration fees.

Professional Developers

The people who make the decision to hire a LLG professional developer have very specific needs. They want a speaker who will be motivating, enthusiastic, informative, and well-received by a majority of the participants. They want participants to leave with a positive feeling about what they currently do and what they can do in the future with technology in their classroom. They want a speaker that can empathize with their concerns and provide hope for the future. They're seeking a speaker who will generate positive responses on workshop or conference evaluations. They need a speaker who is reliable, flexible, and easy to work with during conference planning.

Educators like the enthusiasm and flexibility of LLG professional developers. With lots of experiences working with both adults and children, the developers feel confident working with all grade levels, content areas, and technology skill levels. They are able to speak on a wide range of topics in a variety of settings and presentation formats. Their practical, "user-friendly" approach to high-tech topics and issues make customers feel comfortable. By blending theory and practice, our participants feel confident in their ability to apply what they learn to "real-world" classroom settings. Rather than focusing on abstract models or technical demonstrations, our professional developers provide learners with lots of examples, non-examples, and practical resources. For example, "step-by-step" instructions are provided when participants are involved in hands-on activities. The speakers provide lots of simple tips and suggestions that can be easily implemented. The professional developers "practice what they preach." They use desktop presentations, props, books, video segments, handouts, worksheets, small group discussions, and other resources to illustrate their ideas. Finally, customers always leave with handouts, lists of resources, and instructions for locating additional materials at the eduScapes website. Our professional developers work hard and customers feel that they are getting a good product for their money.

Why LLG?

The advantage of LLG is our competitive price, enthusiasm, practical approach, experience, and professionalism. Contact Lamb Learning Group for more information.

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