Oregon Trail - Backwards
The Oregon Trail - Backwards
When we headed out of Portland, we decided that since we were traveling all the way back to the midwest, we'd pretend we were explorers traveling the Oregon Trail. If there were people going west, someone had to make the trip back east, right?
We started east along the Columbia River and read about each place along the way. We were particularly interested in reading about how the pioneers dealt with the mountain passes. We spent the night in Three Island, Idaho. This cute state park campground was an Oregon Trail campsite where people waited to cross the river. Trail tracks can still be seen (see the center picture below). They're in the process of building an interpretive center at the park and they have a reconstructed ferry on the shore. When the center opens, this cute town is going to become a popular attraction.
We stopped in Salt Lake City for a few days to have some work done on the RV. We spent one day on a Day Trip to the Pony Express. We also spend a day at the "This is the Place" state park and Deseret Village in Salt Lake City. Annette enjoyed a swing outside one of the reconstructed homes.
Next, we headed east across Wyoming. You remember how covered wagons used to lose their wheels? Well, this almost happened around Cheyenne. We stopped at a rest stop. If you've been following our travels, it's the one with the "railroad tree" that people watered as they traveled west. Anyway, Annette decided to do a standard check of the RV. She couldn't believe her eyes when she noticed a crack in the hitch we just replaced in Idaho! We could have lost the car again. What's the problem? Anyway, we unhooked the car and drove on to Denver. So much for our Oregon Trail project. We'll have to finish it another time.

While in Denver we stayed at the Dakota Ridge RV Park. This cute, but expensive park is nestled in the foothills of Golden. We spent a few days in Denver getting Annette's laptop fixed and a new RV hitch fabricated. We enjoyed taking evening walks in the RV park. We noticed that many people liked to walk at dusk and soon found out why. The coyotes come down from the hills at dusk to hunt the rabbits. Of course, we'd come to enjoy the company of the rabbit that lived in the bush next to our RV, so we weren't thrilled with this idea. On the other hand, we'd heard that sometimes instead of a rabbit, the coyotes were known to run off with one of those little, loud, yappy dogs that many RV owners adore. We don't have anything against dogs as long as they poop in designated areas and aren't running loose.

Once the computer and hitch were ready to go, we headed to Emporia, Kansas for a few days with Annette's parents. Next, we headed to Branson for our annual family get together at the end of September.

Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 7/01.
Updated, 5/02.
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